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Burlington Haunted Cemetery
Cornwall The abandoned settlement
Meriden Phantom animal
Easton Haunted Cemetery
Old Mystic Old haunted Inn




The Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, today called the Burlington Center Cemetery or better known as Green Lady Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Burlington. According to the State's website, there are 35 people buried there, the oldest stone dating back to 1780.

There have been numerous reports of a green mist and the apparition of a woman referred to as the Green Lady of Burlington, or Elisabeth Palmiter, whose gravestone is the only one left standing in the cemetery. Who exactly is haunting the cemetery and their motivations are a total mystery. She just materializes unexpectedly, glows green for a time, smiles sweetly and then disappears. One story goes that Elisabeth drowned in a swampy area next to the cemetery as her husband would not help save her, although there is absolutely no factual evidence that this ever happened.

Wether it is the ghost of Elisabeth or someone else, someone is haunting the old cemetery. Many area residents have sighted her in the past thirty years as well as Ed and Lorraine Warren of Monroe, Connecticut's best-known ghost hunters. Also, ghost hunter Barry Dillinger did a review of the area and posted his findings here which are very interesting to read and dispell a lot of rumors circulating about the cemetery on other sites that have done no research.

Directions: The Baptist Cemetery is located on Upson Road in Burlington, which is in Hartford County. Upson Road is off Route 4, in between Lyon Road and Route 69. (On the other end of Upson Road is Covey Road). Upson Road is mostly a rough dirt road so be careful driving.
Please remember that you will need proper permission from authorities before visiting this place as there are now no trespassing signs. county map

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There is an abandoned settlement that was called Dudleyville, known for its very negative psychic energy. It is widely considered one the most haunted places in America.

Originally settled in 1738, residents of this settlement were feared and looked upon suspiciously because of all the odd accidents, the high number of suicides and cases of insanity that plagued the town. The town gained the reputation of being cursed and eventually no one wanted to live there anymore.

Today Dudleyville is visited by many, including modern witches who perform rituals there. There have been over 100 reports of paranormal activity in the area, and visitors report dark and negative feelings in the area. A film crew once went to visit the area and as they got closer to the site, they all experienced trouble breathing, as though the life were being sucked out of them.

Directions: Dudleyville is in Litchfield County in Northwestern CT. It is located on Coltsfoot Mountain overlooking the Housatonic River, now a private nature reserve. Follow Highway 7 to Cornwall Bridge and go east for two miles into Cornwall. Then take Dark Entry Road from Cornwall, past Witch’s Dam, up to Dudleyville.
NOTE: Please remember that you will absolutely need proper permission from authorities before visiting this place as there are now no trespassing signs and the area is heavily patrolled! Otherwise, please do not attempt to go to this site. county map

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Since the 1800s hikers at West Peak State Park have reported being greeted by the phantom of a large black dog near the Hanging Hills. The dog silently follows people to the summit of West Peak but never leaves behind footprints.

According to legend, the first time a person sees the dog, it brings them happiness. The second sighting is a warning. The third time means imminent death. On average, three people per year fall to their deaths from West Peak.

Directions: Meriden is in New Haven County, 17 miles south of Hartford on Highway 5. The Hanging Hills are high cliffs above the Quinnapiac River. In Hubbard Park, follow Reservoir Avenue north. Turn west onto Percival Park Road and follow the road up to the hill to the West Peak State Park. county map

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For many years visitors to Union Cemetery have reported having conversations with lifelike apparitions who walk among the tombstones and then disappear into thin air. This type of ghost, known as a “lepke,” seems as real as any other person until it vanishes from sight. Acquaintances of buried people here say the apparitions talk and behave exactly as they did when alive.

This site is also the haunt of the infamous White Lady, seen many times over the past 50 years. She wears a white nightgown with a bonnet. In 1993, a local fireman “ran over” the ghost with his truck. Sometimes witnesses observe dark, shadowy figures attempting to grab the White Lady. Some believe that her name is Mrs. Knot, whose husband was murdered near Easton in the 1940s. She may also have been murdered, too, shortly after her husband’s death.

Directions: Monroe is north of Bridgeport in Fairfield County. Take Highway 25 northwest to Highway 111 and go north three miles to Monroe. The cemetery is near the Stepney Green near Monroe. The White Lady appears in the cemetery and on nearby Pepper Street. county map

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Old Mystic

Verne Sasek and Ruth Keyes have experienced the ghosts of their Inn for many years. Both guests and employees at the Red Brook Inn experience cold spots and hear inexplicable voices in this building, which was constructed in 1756. The north room of the Inn is reported to be haunted by the Inn's former owner, Sally Crary. The story goes that after Sally's death in 1979, her husband married her best friend. Since then, the ghost has reported to haunt the north room and the bulk of the paranormal activity occurs there.

Directions: Take I-95 to exit 89, and at the off ramp go north and drive 1.5 miles to the third traffic light. At the third light, turn right onto the Gold Star Highway. Drive to the next corner and turn left into the driveway at the corner. You will see a sign and arrow pointing up the hill where you will go up - you will not see the Inn until you are up to the top of the hill. The phone number is 860-572-0349 or toll free 800-290-5619. Their website is which offers information on reservations, directions and photos of the Inn. county map

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