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Bucksport Haunted Cemetery
Lucerne Haunted Inn
Northport The House That Wasn't There *updated 2/2008!*
Scarborough Massacre Pond
Skowhegan Haunted Cinema



During the time when the witch hunt hysteria spread up through Maine, an alleged witch named Ida Black was condemned to death, accused by Colonel Jonathan Buck. Just before she died, she uttered a curse on Buck swearing that she would return and dance on his grave. Buck died in 1875 and on the anniversary of Ida's death, the blood stained image of a leg appeared on Buck's gravestone monument at Bucksport Cemetary. The monument was cleaned and sanded again and again, but the stain always reappeared. Even though the family has replaced the stone monument twice, the image reappears.

Take a look at the photos page for a view of Jonathan Buck's stained stone monument.

Directions: The cemetary is located off of Maine Street/Highway 1 in Bucksport, in Hancock County. county map

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The Lucerne Inn has a history behind its haunting. The story involves Sam, the caretaker of the place when it was a stagecoach stop, who caught his wife extending excessive hospitality to a guest in room 8. Enraged, he murdered the couple before killing himself. Apparantly he's still angry (although he never bothers the guests). Reports of activity in room 8 include shadows on the wall, footsteps, and you can hear a woman and a child talking outside of the door when no one is there. Both guests and employees have reported items moving around as well as a loud thumping coming from the room when no one is in it. Other guests report lights mysteriously turning on and off, and objects spontaneously setting sail.

Directions: The Lucerne Inn is located on rural route 3 in Lucerne, which is in Hancock County. Check out the Inn's website at for more information or call them at 800-325-5123. county map

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This story involves a piece of land that once was the spot of the beautiful Cosgrove mansion. On December 16, 1954, Edward Cosgrove and his wife left their three boys with a neighborhood couple while they traveled out of state for some final Christmas shopping. That night, after everyone was in bed, a fire burned the mansion to the ground. All that was left was a chimney and some children's toys. Today, all that is left is part of one of the chimneys and some pieces of the foundation.

Soon after the fire, someone took a photograph of the scene, but the print showed the house as it was before the fire. Many others have taken pictures at the site, with the same results. Others have claimed to hear the ghostly screams of the children, from where the house once stood. There is one of these photos showing the house on display in a local diner in Northport. Also, check out a Journal File from Courier Publications that lists some of the noteworthy happenings in the area over the past hundred years - if you scroll down, you see the mention of the fire back in 1953 from 50 years ago "Stories to Remember" section!

UPDATE - 2/2008
I dug up some more information on this one, and after reviewing old newspapers, here is the CORRECT version of this very true story...
actual name of the family who lived in this house was Edwin Grove, NOT Edward Cosgrove. According to various papers that reported the fire in December of 1954, the family of Patent Medicine millionaire Edwin W. Grove lived in the house. The fire occured when Edwin Grove and his wife were in Boston while she was giving birth to their 4th child. Grove's three younger sons, Edwin, David and Geoffrey, ages 8, 6, and 4, were in the house along with two middle-aged caretakers while Grove and his wife were in Boston. The fire raged the "fashionable Italian-style mansion," killing all 5 in the house.
Here is an article from Time (3rd story down) that dates back to 1954 that briefly describes the fire. Also, here is a small copy of the newspaper article from an out of town newspaper describing the fire. It's small (and I won't have a larger copy until I subscribe to the very expensive archive company to get it!) but you can still see the photo of what's left of the house in the top right-hand side, as well as the headline underneath it that reads: 'Patent Medicine King's 3 Sons, Women Perish in Maine Blaze." In another article from The Lincoln Star, they describe how "flames fanned by winds from the Atlantic Ocean leveled the two story showplace in less than an hour."
What a sad story! I will continue to update as I dig up more information as to the details of the fire and, more importantly, the details on how to get there!

Directions: The property is located on an unnamed, one lane road off of route 1 in the small town of Northport, which is in Waldo County. Since there's no name to the road, you have to hunt it down a little bit! According to someone who visited the site, look for an odd set of old run down stone stairs that look as though they were very elaborate at one time. Go to the top of the steps and look past the broken chain link fence. county map

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Now a peaceful destination in Scarborough Beach State Park, Massacre Pond (formerly called Black Point) was once the site of a horrific scene and is now haunted by a restless spirit. The bloody ghost of Richard "Crazy Eye" Stonewall has been seen by several visitors at the pond where he was buried in Oct. 1697. Mr. Stonewall's wife and infant son had been killed by Indians, and he avenged their deaths by joining the military and killing every Indian he found.

Directions: Massacre Pond is located in the Scarborough Beach State Park on 416 Black Point Road in Cumberland County. county map

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There is a violent, melevolent spirit that inhabits the Skowhegan Cinema. There have been several reports of objects being thrown directly at customers with the intent to cause severe pain. Even men involved in building an addition to the building in the 1970s experienced tools being thrown at them and near electrocution even during the times when there were no electrical cords plugged in.

Directions: The cinema is located at 15 Court Street in Skowhegan, in Somerset County. The phone number is 207-474-3451. county map

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